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When Is Your Favorite Saga?

The New Vision Comics Collective Universe is broken down into three eras:

Expanded Earth (1992-2006) tells the story of the uniquely superpowered on planet Earth. Genetic mutations are on the rise in certain humans. Some of these powered people behave heroically, while others wreak havoc on the world.

Unified Earth (2006-2016) tells the story of humanity as it takes its collective best foot forward, healing the planet and taking to the stars with the aid of extraterrestrials who have been discovered living on Earth. New Orleans rises, a towering modern-day Atlantis, home to a new age of science and magic.

Harrowed Earth (2026) tells the story of humanity, its numbers dwindling, trying to survive on a planet entirely under the control of The Ravok-Dyn. Aliens, monsters, and magic run amok as the survivors make their way toward a new dawn.

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