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From the Helm 7/3/2022

Hello! And welcome to the very first From the Helm on our new website. So happy you've found us.

April of this year marked the debut of our convention-exclusive Vision Tales #0! (If you didn't get the chance to grab yours, don't worry, we'll be releasing a non-con-exclusive edition available for sale soon!) Vision Tales is our anthology comic book series where we'll be showcasing stories and characters from the NVCC through both minor and epic stories, ranging in length accordingly and set throughout each of our three eras:

Expanded Earth: This is where the bulk of our superheroes live. Yes, there will be plenty of spandex, mustache-twirling, monologuing bad guys, laser guns, and fisticuffs. But big swords, bloody vengeance, and magic-wielding melodrama sometimes, too. (Alliteration is fun!)

Unified Earth: We love a little more complex science-fiction as well, so that's where these stories of ours live. These tales will lean a little more Star Trek, Asimov, and Herbert-influenced, as the humanity of NVCC begins to search the stars.

Harrowed Earth: Horror, science-fantasy, and Lovecraftian nightmares live here, in our world of Earth-That-Was that's trying to find its way among alien monsters, mad scilocks, and feral robots!

Daniel and I go into more depth here if you'd like to learn more about our universe at large!

And if you'd LIKE a con-exclusive copy of Vision Tales #0, check our Events page for where we'll appear next, and come out to see us. Supplies are running out!

If you're interested in what else we've got currently available:

As a publisher of an indie comic book universe, there's always a plate that needs spinning: script polishing, art to be finished, something. And don't even get me started on brand work and the marketing schedule. All of this is to say that we'll be updating the site with the New Vision work coming your way soon.

Stay tuned!


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